The mouth is one of the most important structures in the body since it is the entrance through which we feed and where we emit sounds to communicate. This area is part of the stomatognathic system and the digestive system since it is here that chewed food is received so that it is subsequently composed of the stomach. On the other hand, it helps us to perform functions such as speech and generate facial expressions.

The outer part of the mouth is constituted solely by the lips, and in the internal part, we find the teeth, tongue, palate, uvula, and tonsils. All these parts are covered by mucosa, which varies depending on the area. In the part of the bone, the mucosa is attached and is called gum; while in the part of the cheeks it has a softer texture and finally, in the area near the palate it is rougher.

Speaking about the teeth, in the oral cavity of an adult we can find thirty-two teeth; instead, there are only 20 temporary teeth, which later will fall to give way to the definitive ones, which are fortified and better prepared for the chewing process.

The teeth are distributed in the upper maxillary arch and the jaw. Dentists in Tijuana mention that for a proper function of the teeth, it is necessary that they are aligned, if there is any deformation or problems in the dental pieces, the person can undergo orthodontic treatment. The teeth are divided into four groups:

Incisive- are those that are located in the central part of the oral cavity, which is eight, which are divided into 4 and 4. Two central and two lateral, in the upper part and two central and two lateral in the lower part. The function of these eight is to cut the food.

During the growth process, the central teeth are the first to appear, this from 6 months and already entering the child at a larger age; permanent ones appear, this at approximately six years. One of the main characteristics is that only have a single root, allowing a better firmness. These teeth are one of the most aesthetically pleasing.

Canine teeth- its peculiar pointed shape has given it the name of fangs. These pieces are a total of four, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower one. They are considered as the strongest teeth since their root can measure three centimeters; in the growth stage, that is, when temporary teeth appear, canines emerge around the first year and already in the season where they usually suggest the definitive ones, they appear around 11 years. Its principal function is to tear any food.

Premolars- located in the intermediate part of the row of teeth, these can crush the food, in total there are eight that are distributed in four inferior and four superior. These dental doors, compared to the incisors, have two roots.

Molars- are those that cover more space within the oral cavity and are located in the final part of the mouth, in total there are twelve molars, which are divided into six upstairs and six down. Its objective is to crush food in small parts so that they can be digested correctly. The last two molars are known as wisdom teeth.

As we can see, the mouth performs elementary functions for the survival of the human, so it is necessary to take special care in this area to avoid damaging its functionalities.