In order for libraries to thrive, they rely on members of the community using the facilities, borrowing books, and renting media. But libraries are in a decline. According to the Pew Research Center, library users remained stable up until 2013, then took a decline at a national level. In fact, despite the population’s growth since 2013, library users have fell by 48 percent in the last six years. The report also revealed that the majority of library users are college-educated, or come from middle-class families. There are a number of reasons why this national rate has dropped, and with that comes as many opportunities for library directors to make improvements to attract more people. Today’s savvy directors have seen increases in users by investing in a multi device charging station for libraries to help encourage engagement with the public. 

A Multi Device Charging Station Accommodates Working Parents

Libraries are amazing places for children to develop a love for reading, and so much more. Most libraries have regular events for kids in which there are public readings, puppet shows, and other forms of entertainment.  But many parents are too busy to take their kids. Many county libraries reported to seeing a huge boost in family visitors after installing a multi device charging station. These devices allow multiple parents to plug in their laptops, tablets, and cell phones so they can work on projects while seated comfortably as their kids participate in library programs. Whether a parent is a freelance writer, or a teacher grading papers, having easy access to a multi device charging station makes libraries more user-friendly, and as a result more children and their families use the facilities. 

Students Love Libraries with a Multi Device Charging Station

Libraries are great places to study. Not only do you have instant access to various books, but you are in a quiet atmosphere free from distraction. In fact, 1000 high school seniors were interviewed by a Pew Research group and 70 percent said they prefer studying at their local public library over the school library because there are less distractions and friends aren’t as likely to tempt them away from their studies. Most modern school libraries already have charging workstations and multi device charging stations, so in order to attract students, libraries need to invest in a multi device charging station for multiple locations in the facilities, or invest in a cell phone charging table that can also accommodate laptops and tablets, and have a fleet of them to attract more highschool and college students. 

Adding a multi device charging station to numerous locations throughout your library will attract more users, and you can expect to see steady growth from that point forward. Contact a multi device commercial cell phone charging company to learn about the various types, and your options.